Cyber Crimes

If you or someone you know is being investigated for, or has been charged with committing a cyber crime, you should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. In Texas, most computer or Internet crimes are prosecuted as felonies and come with substantial jail or state prison sentences. Cyber Crimes (also referred to as Computer crime and Internet crimes) are a broad category of crimes involving computers and the Internet. These crimes range from child pornography, to hacking, to stalking and identity theft.

Computer or internet crimes involve a number of different criminal activities, including the following:

  • Internet fraud and computer fraud, including e-mail campaigns to secure bank information
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft, phishing, and DNS hijacking
  • Internet gambling
  • Sale of counterfeit goods over the internet, including software piracy, computer game piracy, video game piracy, music piracy
  • Internet pornography, including possession of child pornography, dissemination of child pornography, and violation of local obscenity ordinances
  • Cyber stalking
  • Sexual solicitation, including online child sex solicitation, instant messaging sexually explicit material to children
  • Human trafficking — using the internet for illegal online trafficking in women or children for sex or servitude and child sexual exploitation
  • Internet Viruses
  • Hacking and Computer Sabotage
  • Invasion of privacy by planting Crimeware & Spyware

Over the years, cyber crimes have come increasingly under the investigation of federal authorities. In 2008, the FBI teamed up with other federal agencies to create a Joint Task Force designed to anticipate and combat cyber threats. In 2014, the Internet Crime Complaint Center processed an average of 22,000 complaints per month. As with their search for drugs, federal agencies often take cyber crimes investigations too far.

If you have been accused of committing a computer crime, contact the Law offices of Jerry Michael Acosta who has a thorough knowledge of computer technology and understands the various computer crime laws is critical. Cyber crime is a serious offense and with that, carries serious penalties; in some cases you may face prison time, fines or both. At the Law offices of Jerry Michael Acosta, we combine our knowledge of technology and our extensive criminal defense experience to provide clients with the effective representation that protects their rights and their future.