Asset Forfeiture

When money or assets are obtained through illegal means, federal and state law enforcement authorities have the right to forfeit those assets. Many people accused or charged with a drug crime experience asset forfeiture. For example, if you used a vehicle to transport marijuana, the police can confiscate your vehicle. In some cases, the police may confiscate larger assets, such as a home, if they believe the money used to purchase home was obtained through illegal drug activity.

It should also be mentioned that you don’t need to be charged or under investigation for a drug crime for the police or government to seize your assets. The police just need to prove that the money or assets were obtained from the profits of an illegal activity.

The laws on seizure are extremely complex, and it can be difficult to recover seized property after a judge has ruled in favor of the seizure. That is why it is so critical to have an attorney on your side as soon possible if you face the seizure of your property. Our firm jumps ahead of the asset forfeiture game by demonstrating to the government the legitimate nature of the seized assets. If that fails, we stand ready, able and willing to litigate the return of the assets.

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